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A Jaco Beach Bachelor Party & Costa Rica Women at the Hotel Cocal

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – Holding your bachelor party in Costa Rica has so many perks; you get to visit an exotic tropical country and party all day and all night long either along the beach, in a bar or in a private villa while enjoying beautiful and intoxicating Latinas in both arms, and maybe indulge in a little bit of gambling before calling it a night.

Unlike most of the USA, Mexico and other countries, prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. You do not have to be worried about partaking in female company in Costa Rica as long as they are of age; it is just one thriving part of its economy. Legal aged women make money selling sexual services to locals and tourists alike. Just do not get entangled with under-aged girls since it is illegal to have sex with them. When it comes to a Costa Rica bachelor party in Jaco Beach the best place to find women of the night is the Hotel Cocal.

Hotel Cocal is situated on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and is just 30 meters away from the Jaco strip and a few feet away from the beach. After getting renovated to provide tourists a more intimate and comfortable stay, Hotel Cocal became the center and main attraction of nightlife in Jaco and is crowded all year long. Also, since the government built a highway connecting San Jose to Jaco, getting to and from the said places has never been easier and faster, and as a result more and more girls from San Jose that held base at the Hotel Del Ray have migrated to the beach town of Jaco and started offering their services at the Cocal.

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jaco beach bachelor party in costa rica 1The for your Jaco Beach Bachelor Party the main attraction at Hotel Cocal happens is the poolside bar of the hotel where all the steamy and titillating transactions transpire. The party usually starts at 8 pm and lasts until around 2 in the morning where beautiful ladies swarm the place to meet generous men willing to pay the price they set for their time. The ladies run the spectrum in appearance.  In this place you will find blondes, brunettes and redheads in all shapes and sizes of fair skin and dark complexions. You can even find women who could easily be runway models, cute and petite ones, and exceedingly gorgeous by any defined Western standards of physical appearance. This wondrous mix of alluring women come in tiny and sexy dresses paired with clear high heels and stilettos, some arrive in tank tops and short cropped denim shorts and flip flops on their feet. No matter what you are looking for when it comes to women you will find it at the poolside buffet at the Hotel Cocal in Jaco Beach.

Now when you finally find the lady that best fit your needs and wants, do not hesitate to about her price and what comes with. Prices vary depending on how good you are when negotiating but the usual price is from $100 to $150 good for 2-3 hours of fun. Take note though that this may all be pun to you but it is all business for the girls so make sure that you abide by the negotiations you agreed on or you may find yourself either answering to the police or local friends of the Latina you angered. One last thing, just like when you are not staying in your own place, be smart and put all your possessions in a safe to protect yourself from being taken advantaged off while you are in deep slumber after a wild night with a Latina temptress.

The women are just one of the reasons people choose a Costa Rica Bachelor Party in Jaco Beach.  But it is always nice to take some company along with you on an adventure tour, golf outing or sport fishing charter.  What happens on a Costa Rica Bachelor Party stays in Costa Rica, so do not plan on taking any of these girls home to meet mommy. Just have fun on your Bachelor Party in Jaco Beach and bring only the memories home with you.

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