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A History Of Incense

One thing that makes me completely joyful is burning incense like palo santo woods and sage. This incense is meant to clear a room of negative energies. They are a powerful tool, along with other herbs like them. 

They lift the veils between our eyes and the eyes of the gods. We can sense matters of importance more easily.
Gods often times require aromatic scents to please them during prayer and ritual. When Jesus was born he was brought gifts of gold,
frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense was a popular scent from the times of the birth of Jesus. The holy presence of cosmic energies like the moon and sun are represented by them and must be honored. Offerings can be made to spirits of our ancestors with scents that they enjoyed.

Ghosts are commonly attracted and banished with certain scents and often cause odors themselves proving that in the spiritual realms scent is powerful. The incense smoking through a temple may very well be lifting up into the vaulted heavens.

We are Vases
Gold smoke rising
Venus shaped hearts
Painted sunrises
Light sparks dark
Embers fall like petals
Flowers burning
We are returning
To where we came from
Pieces of living art
Vases with holy water
Venus shaped hearts

Incense is a material that when burned produces smoke with distinct
aromas. They are made with aromatic oils and plant materials. The long skinny incense are formed onto slices of bamboo wood and burned for the scent and as a reminder of time passing. Incense has been used in religious ceremonies since the ancient Egyptians popularized it with the use of magic. In 2000 B.C. there is evidence of herbs used with magical intent in China.

Incense has a beautiful history and hidden secrets. The breath is the simple truth of life. When we breathe in and we breathe out we take with us what is outside, bring it in and take a different part of it back out. When we breathe incense we are drenching our spirits in the aroma, bathing them, cleansing and empowering with the magic of air.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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