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A Gringo Understanding CR Slang (Video)

Costa Rica News – Through searching and trying to find the best example of slang that a gringo might possibly run into in Costa Rica the best I found was Gringo Pinto.  This is a bit to the extreme but it will help out with some of the words and slang you will run into the Costa Rica streets.

Gringo Pinto Video (Translation of the Slang Below)


“Mi compa”: My Friend
“La soda”: Small Typical Costa Rica Restaurant
“Topar con cerca”: To arrive at the end of something
– “Es un queque”: It is easy
– “Póngase las pilas” : Get ready, be awaregringo_pinto
– “Pele la oreja”: Listen Well
– “Tenes que agarrar la lata”: Get on the Bus
– “Si no le pinta”: If it won’t work
– “Pirata”: Not Red Taxi in Costa Rica
– “Cara de pistola”: Dickface
– “Más harina”: to give more money
– “Un Tucán”: a 5000 colone bill
– “Buena nota o mala nota”: Good or Bad person
– “No se me haga bolas”: Don’t get confused
– “Se puede ir a pata”: You Can Walk
– “En un hueco2: Dangerous or Dirty Bar, Shitty Place
– “Tomarse un Yodo”: To have a coffee
– “Plato de bocas”: Plate will appetizers
– “Cabras”: Women
– “Bates”: Men
– “Huele pedos”: to make a converstation
– “Tostado”: Out of money
– “Movió el piso2: Someone turns you on
– “Me dio un taco”: Something scares you
– “Le eche el cuento”: to propose sex
– “Dolor de huevos”: When someone is being a pain in the ass or too serious
– “Ser una teja”: Being a good person
– “Saliendo la vi pelud”a: To see someone as difficult
– “No encontraba mi nave”: Can not find your car
– “No tenía un cinco”: Does not have money
– “No dejen que lo limpien”: Leave you without money
– “Váyase volando”: to leave quickly
– “Dos manzanas: 2 blocks
– “Me pesco?”: Do you Understand Me?

Although this is quite funny, many of these terms will be used if you enter the street scene in Costa Rica.

Enjoy the slang of Costa Rica Mae! 

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One Comment;

  1. Joe de Tambor said:

    Looking at “Dolor de huevos”: When someone is being a pain in the ass or too serious; it would seem that a better understanding of the human anatomy is called for in the interpretation of this slang phrase. The word “huevos” is literally meaning “eggs” so that it would seem a reference to a man’s testicles rather than his ass. It really seems that a woman would never use this slang phrase since she does not have any huevos.

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