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A Day in the Life of a CR Prostitute; Jessica

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rican Times will be doing a series called A Day in the Life of a Costa Rica Prostitute. Each week over the next month we will interview a Costa Rica working girl and have her tell her story.  We will not use real names or ever put their picture out to view.

When it comes to the sex tourism business in Costa Rica, many of the men that partake in these activities have already set stereotypes of these women, most of which are not true. In is a life of horrors for most these women. Many think that these girls picked this lifestyle or also believe that they can possibly rescue them from this lifestyle.  Our goal is to expose some of these stories to give a real taste of the lives of these women. By exposing some of these stories we would like to try to make the Costa Rican government to do something to protect these girls. This is a dark hole for these women and in many cases these women are exposed to rape and abuse each and every day. (Dark Side of Prostitution Article)

If you have a weak stomach do not read further. Also this material is not appropriate for children under 18.


costa rica prostitutesThis was told by a Costa Rica working girl (prostitute) when asked what was her worst night she had ever experienced while working in the late night streets in San Jose. 

It was 3 a.m. on Sunday morning. Jessica had just picked up her last man of the evening on the streets. He was about 37 years old with dark eyes, dark hair, and a pencil thin moustache. He was about 5’11” and weighed probably around 175 lbs. They were laughing and talking, Jessica, always being the professional flirted dramatically as the men liked it. She walked with him back to his hotel room 4 blocks away.  She leaned on him as they went off in the distance.

They walked into the lobby of the hotel. It wasn’t as nice as some other places she had seen of the men coming to visit for the ‘regulated’ prostitution. They headed up to his room, number 305. The lighting was kind of dim going up all three flights of stairs. He fumbled with the keys and then opened his hotel room door. She walked inside. He closed the door as she sat on the bed. He offered her a drink of cheap scotch. He must have slipped some kind of drug into the drink, however, because all of the sudden, Jessica couldn’t really function well. It was almost like something had affected her neurological system.

Jessica saw the man as he realize that she was under his drug and smiled slowly while moving toward her. He put his hands under her armpits and slowly pulled her so she was lying down on the bed with her head on the pillow. He started talking to her in English, and while she could get by in the language, her native tongue was Spanish. She caught pieces and bits, but the drug continued to take effect. He stripped her, and then turned his back on her for a moment as she lay helpless. He turned around to face her again. This time he was holding a knife!

She started to panic, but was totally helpless to do anything to protect herself. He slowly walked up to her, the blade glinting in the light of the night table lamp. He sat next to her on the edge of the bed and said something about cutting, and a little souvenir that he likes to keep. She understood only partially what he was up to. He stood up and set the knife on the bedside table. He proceeded to strip off his shirt, jeans, and undergarments. He slowly bent over her and took what he was supposed to pay for. Next, he took the knife again in his hand and quickly slashed her chest. Jessica couldn’t scream because of the drug, but tears welled up in her eyes as blood was trickling down her skin to stain the bed sheets. He yelled at her and slashed again, this time, the cut went into her belly, again, and again, he slashed her up in different places until she was soaked in a pool of her own blood. He slashed her 15 times before he stopped. He calmly turned around, went to the bathroom and took a shower.

Meanwhile, the drug was starting to wear off and Jessica could control her body functions better. She shakily got up from the bed and quickly got into her clothes. She was still shaky and dripping blood like water from her body, but she wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as possible! She heard the shower knobs twisting as he was shutting off the water, and she grabbed for the door, flung it open and got out of there as quickly as possible.

She made her way to a friend’s house, and by this time it was around 5:00 a.m. She was too ashamed to go to the hospital or to call the police, not thinking either place would help her much. She and her friend dressed the wounds, and she took extra doses of Advil and Tylenol for the pain of those slashes.

Jessica lifts her shirt to show me the scars.

The good news was that they were not as deep as to require stitches, but Jessica will always be scarred. She is just so happy that he didn’t cut her face, so she can keep working.

Even after this experience she continued working in the industry……as it is “the only thing a girl without an education can do to make enough money to support her 3 kids.”

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