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A Day in the Life of a CR Prostitute; Denise

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rican Times will be doing a series called A Day in the Life of a Costa Rica Prostitute. Each week over the next month we will interview a Costa Rica working girl and have her tell her story.  We will not use real names or ever put their picture out to view.

When it comes to the sex tourism business in Costa Rica, many of the men that partake in these activities have already set stereotypes of these women, most of which are not true. In is a life of horrors for most these women. Many think that these girls picked this lifestyle or also believe that they can possibly rescue them from this lifestyle.  Our goal is to expose some of these stories to give a real taste of the lives of these women. By exposing some of these stories we would like to try to make the Costa Rican government to do something to protect these girls. This is a dark hole for these women and in many cases these women are exposed to rape and abuse each and every day. (Dark Side of Prostitution Article)

If you have a weak stomach do not read further. Also this material is not appropriate for children under 18.


costa rica prostituteDenise got into the prostitution business a little later in life. Her husband died of a stroke when he was only 42. She was 10 years younger and was left virtually penniless, without family, and with two young children. Her husband had always made the money and the family was always living hand to mouth. Her husband was the traditional breadwinner while Denise stayed home with the kids, and took odd jobs helping to watch her friend’s children when they were working or going out. Needless to say, her husband didn’t have a nice nest egg in case anything happened. There is no AFLAC protection here. Anyhow, Denise tried to do what she could to make ends meet, but she just couldn’t pay for all the needs of her children. They sold their house just breaking even, downsized, and cut out any ‘extras’ like regular haircuts and new clothes. Her kids were starting to suffer from lack of necessities such as decent food. She had to do something fast.

There was a friend she knew who had an acquaintance who worked ‘entertaining men’ as she called it. She begged her friend to put her in contact to see exactly what this was all about. Denise was at her wits end. Her friend tried to discourage it, but Denise kept pressing. Finally, the meeting was put together for lunch. The woman she met was named Shelly. They met at the mutual friend’s house for privacy. Shelly looked Denise up and down to see if she had what it takes to do this job and be good at it. Some men are a little picky about the women they pay, especially if you want to make decent money.

Shelly told Denise to start working out, watch what she eats, and try to lose at least 15 pounds. Then, she may have some success. Denise was so desperate for money that she took the woman’s advice and did what she could to be ‘sexy’ again. She became so desperate with money within the month that she contacted Shelly again to meet and set up a time to start showing her the ropes. Shelly saw that Denise had been trying to follow her advice, so she told her to meet at her house and they would get ready together and go to a good location. Luckily for Denise, she had their mutual friend who was willing to watch her kids for free.

Denise was so nervous before they went out that Shelly took her aside and brought out a miniature lipstick mirror and a vial with white powder in it, and a mini straw made of thick, clear plastic. She laid the powder out in four lines on the mirror and told Denise to try it and that it would make the night much easier. Denise was so desperate to get through this evening and see if she could make some good money, that she gladly accepted the offer. She had never seen drugs before up close like that, but knew what it was. She snorted two lines of the cocaine, Shelly followed suite, and out into the night they went.

They walked to a bar where many gringos went when they visited. They changed their shoes into 4 inch heels costa rica cocaine 1from their flat walking shoes and struck a pose. It didn’t take long for Denise to land an older gentleman with a paunch belly, and balding brown hair to become interested. Denise was feeling great from the drug, and this man seemed friendly enough. They walked the short distance to his hotel and went into his room. He quickly fumbled to strip down and asked her to do the same. Lucky for Denise, he was so excited that he ‘finished’ while she was stripping down. She cuddled him for the next 30 minutes which seemed to suit him.

She went back out again, and started feeling the uneasiness she did earlier. She finally met back up with Shelly in the same spot just as they had agreed on and asked if she had more cocaine. Shelly told her to go easy, but since this was the first night, she would oblige her. Again, they discreetly snorted some coke and Denise was once again, on another plane of reality. She strode back out and tried to entice one man when another man approached her. He was just 23 she thought and had never experienced a woman before. He had a room fairly close to the bar as well and she quietly followed him. This time, she actually had to perform.

She lay down and let him do all the work while she went to work fake moaning, and acting like it was very enjoyable. It wasn’t. Again, it was time to go back to the meeting place in front of the bar. At this point, there was a gentleman walking down to the bar that reminded Denise of her husband. She started getting emotional and teary eyed, and again sought her friend and the cocaine. It went on like this for the first two weeks, and by then, Denise couldn’t function without the cocaine. It ate into much of her earnings, but she was satisfied that now she could care for her kids.

Unfortunately for women like Denise and others; they don’t feel that there are other outlets in the country to go to for emotional support, child support, or job retraining to get these women into new jobs as in this case with Denise.

Drugs are extremely cheap in Costa Rica and many of these women get addicted to the feeling of numbness that the drug brings to them.  After a while they become numb to the world and emotion…..and they do not want out of the life of prostitution as it gives them an outlet and excuse to use these drugs.

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