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A Day in the Life of a CR Prostitute; Anna

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rican Times will be doing a series called A Day in the Life of a Costa Rica Prostitute. Each week over the next month we will interview a Costa Rica working girl and have her tell her story.  We will not use real names or ever put their picture out to view.

When it comes to the sex tourism business in Costa Rica, many of the men that partake in these activities have already set stereotypes of these women, most of which are not true. In is a life of horrors for most these women. Many think that these girls picked this lifestyle or also believe that they can possibly rescue them from this lifestyle.  Our goal is to expose some of these stories to give a real taste of the lives of these women. By exposing some of these stories we would like to try to make the Costa Rican government to do something to protect these girls. This is a dark hole for these women and in many cases these women are exposed to rape and abuse each and every day. (Dark Side of Prostitution Article)

This material is not appropriate for children under 18. Pictures are representative not the real people.


costa rica prostitutes 1Anna is at home with her girlfriend, Sarah. She has been prostituting for 15 years to help pay the bills, but has found happiness with someone of the same sex. Anna and Sarah have been together as a couple for the past 7 years and while Sarah doesn’t like Anna’s job, she understands that they wouldn’t be living so comfortably without her income.

Anna also has a pimp. Her cousin, Carlos works with certain family members who prostitute adding protection if they ever get into trouble. Anna knows that he is there to help, but unfortunately, she does pay for his services. Sarah says, “He gets 40% of everything she makes, while she is doing the really tough work.”

However, Anna defends him by reminding Sarah of a time when Carlos saved her life. “I was standing outside of a popular tourist bar and restaurant looking for a ‘date’, when all of a sudden this really drunk and belligerent guy came up to me. He asked if I was available, and I told him that I wasn’t because I don’t like to hook up with men that are very drunk. There are two reasons, the first reason is that it takes a lot longer for them to get it up, and climax which takes time and money from me, and the second reason is that many times they end up just passing out and I don’t feel comfortable taking money from them if nothing has happened, and again, it wastes my time and money.

So, this guy in particular didn’t like to hear the word ‘no’. He was with a couple of his guy friends and probably wanted to show off. It was like 1:30 in the morning and there weren’t many people around and that was probably why he was so bold. He grabbed my hair at the back of my head and pulled his fist back like he was going to punch me right in the face. Simultaneously his friends started yelling at him, but before anyone knew what happened, Carlos got behind this guy, put him in a headlock so tightly that the drunk passed out right there on the sidewalk. Carlos yelled to his friends to get him out of here, which they quickly did. I think they all sobered up real fast after that incident!”

When asked about her conflict between the attraction for someone of the same sex and her job, pleasuring men for money, Anna said that ever since she was little men scared her. She didn’t grow up seeing her father much, and had only two sisters. Her mother would entertain a boyfriend that she had and once Anna walked in on them. Her mother sounded like she was in pain and the boyfriend was pounding so hard into her mother that costa rica prostitutes 2Anna thought that men were dirty and always hurt women.

She always had a good relationship with her male cousins since they were all children together and they were like her brothers and grew up feeling protective of their female cousins. “Carlos and his brothers are the only men I feel safe and comfortable around all the time. That is why I am happy to pay for the safety of having them around (Carlos sometimes has his brothers help him protect their ‘girls’.) However, men disgust me and to me, that is not making love, it is just having sex. What Sarah and I have together is making love. I would never be with a man romantically. It is not possible for me – ever. Sarah is my first long term relationship, and we are so happy together!”

Many prostitutes take drugs to help them make it through each night, and wonder if Anna has to do something like that to cope with her job. “Sometimes I take coke; sometimes I smoke a little weed. I don’t want to get hooked on the stuff, so I only take it when I have a hard time getting motivated to work. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens a couple times a week. The good news is that if I have a decent night, then I don’t need to work 5 days. Sometimes I only work 3 or 4 nights out of the week. Sarah gets upset though, because I am always working on Friday and Saturday nights. Those are the big nights to make money. Sarah understands, but it doesn’t make her happy.” Sarah replies, “I understand Anna’s job and why she needs to work those nights, but sometimes I want to go out on a date like regular couples do on the weekends.”

I ask Anna what her typical working evening consists of. She says that she goes out to work after her and Sarah eats dinner. She has a couple of locations that Carlos will drive her to that is located outside of real tourist hotspots and she will pose outside and make eye contact and ask men if they would like a date. She scopes out the men to make sure they look fairly clean and take care of themselves. She also makes sure they are not with a large group “because sometimes they want to do dirty stuff like have 5 guys with one woman or weird things like that. They must think it is cheaper or something.

Anyhow, I always carry a box of condoms of my choosing and I make sure that I put it on each guy I am with. I don’t want to take any chances.” I ask how many men Anna usually is with each night that she does work. She said that it varies depending on the tourism month, because there are low times, but generally it is between 7-12 guys in a night.

I ask her if there are guys that are from a specific country that she has been with consistently that treat her better than others. She replied quickly, the guys that I have been with from the United Kingdom are the most polite that I have encountered so far. Some guys from other countries can be really cocky and think they are the best in bed. Sometimes they also get a little too rough. Not enough where Carlos has to step in, but just enough where it is not comfortable. It is almost time for Anna to head out to her job, so I leave her and Sarah to enjoy their dinner together.

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One Comment;

  1. Stephen said:

    Kind of weird that she would be “outside” of a popular tourist bar. Definitely not the preferred way to pick up a woman in Costa Rica. You should NEVER pick up a girl on the street, this is a surefire way to get mugged.

    She as well as the johns should stay in the reputable bars (e.g. Sportsmans / Del Rey) as they add a level of security by checking each of the women’s ID’s. But still you need to be smart.

    Also if you are picking up a girl online (e.g. / be sure to meet the woman in a public place before heading back to your room.

    Look forward to the next article!

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