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A Dangerous Costa Rica Easter; 28 People Have Died So Far

Easter weekend or Semana Santa in Costa Rica can be one for relaxation and recharging, but for many it has ended in tragedy.

costa rica semana santa deaths 1So far 28 people have lost their lives during this religious holiday in the land of “:Pura Vida”.

The Red Cross reported about the loss of life during these past 2 days.

Of those, nine were due to traffic accidents, nine assaults with deadly weapons and four drowned.

The reasons for the remaining six deaths were not specified.

Of the four that drowned, two were reported on Thursday. A man died due to rip currents in Playa Negro in Puerto Viejo de Limon and a similar accident occurred in Manuel Antonio.

There is good news though.

The death toll this year is lower than last year, when on Good Friday 32 deaths had been reported.

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