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A Costa Rica Bachelor Party Or A Las Vegas Bachelor Party?

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – In this age and time people have become more concerned about quality and having a great time instead of following the norm. The same goes when holding bachelor parties; the groom and his best buddies are no longer satisfied with a traditional Las Vegas Bachelor Party where all they get to do is spend tons of money on something they cannot remember aside from waking up in the desert with a terrible hangover.

bachelor party costa ricaBecause of the increasing need to treat themselves to a wonderful and memorable bachelor party, people started looking for other remarkable places to spend quality time with their friends and that is why Costa Rica started becoming a popular bachelor party destination. Why wouldn’t it be?

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A Costa Rica bachelor party will be a vacation that all of your guy friends will remember. Imagine getting all the perks of a Las Vegas bachelor party; like booze, delectable cuisine, beautiful women, all-night partying and gambling plus have an incredible opportunity to wake up to a picturesque ocean or mountain view and do nature activities that are so much fun, the perfect antidote to pre-wedding jitters!

So what is really in store for you on a Costa Rica bachelor party? What should you expect on your Costa Rica guys trip?

One of the many advantages of travelling to Costa Rica instead of staying in Las Vegas is you get to spend less and do more in Costa Rica than in Las Vegas. In Vegas, the cost of staying for 3 days and 2 nights is around $1800 to $2200 per head which includes your entire Friday night up to Saturday morning dedicated to gambling, clubbing and partying. After a few hours of sleep you will wake up to play a round of golf, have an expensive dinner and do a repeat performance of what you did on Friday night, except this time you get to add a trip to a strip club. On Sunday morning you will have the chance to eat succulent dishes for brunch and go home without even remembering what really happened during your entire stay in Vegas.

On the other hand, with the same amount you will have the chance to stay in Costa Rica for 6-10 days and be able to do all the things Las Vegas has to offer and more. Instead of staying in an expensive hotel room, in Costa Rica you have the option to stay in beach-front condo units, plush apartments, cozy private villas and extravagant mansions that are all within your budget. From your lodging you can then go to different bars, clubs and casinos to get your regular bachelor party treats like gambling, drinking, partying and womanizing. After 2 or 3 days of this kind of life I am pretty sure you would get tired of it and would like to try something else. Do not fret there are plenty of adventures Costa Rica has in store for you. During the day you can go on different excursions like, zip lining, horseback riding, ATV tours or even a round of golf by the Pacific ocean. If you are a water person you can go island cruising, scuba diving, surfing, waterfall rappelling, white water rafting and even land a Marlin while sport fishing; There are many more activities to experience with the boys all you can do them all on a Costa Rica bachelor party.

The best thing about choosing a Costa Rica bachelor party over Vegas is that when you go home, you will have once in a lifetime memories that you will never get in the desert sands in Nevada.  You will then realize you got your money’s worth and more.      

Get Your Free Guy’s Guide to Costa Rica

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