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A California Haunting; The Cara DeGregorio Story

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Cara wants me to either verify if her home is haunted or not haunted. The date is May 24, 2009, Sunday. Interviewing Cara, I learn that she has lived in this home for only 2 months. She believes the home was built in the 1980s. I researched accident reports and crime statistics and found nothing significant for the area where the home is built. There was a Portuguese settlement near this property during the 1800s.

evp readingI continue my interview with Cara, she tells me that when she moved into the home, she found a picture of what looks like a baby saint. The picture was hanging in her garage. When she touched the picture, she received cold chills and immediately felt a presence next to her. She got rid of the picture and placed it outside.

Cara was only too happy to give me the picture as a souvenir of this investigation. I was shocked to see the picture, because my mother Rosemarie Roberts aka Rosita Causing showed this very same picture to me and told me that this saint visited her when she was a child. My mother told me that at one time, she and her brother Jose Causing were staying with their father in a friend’s home in Mexico. One night my mother was placed in the middle of the night in her brother’s bed and her brother was placed in her bed. When they woke up in the morning Jose and my mother could not figure out how they awakened in each other’s beds. On another night, my mother awakened and saw a strange bright orb in her bedroom. She kept watching and the orb became bigger and finally it took on the shape of a small child. The child was carrying a basket of roses. Rose pedals fell to the floor as the child saint approached her. My mother screamed and the child saint apparition vanished. My mother consulted a nun later in life and was shown a picture of a child saint. My mother believes the apparition that she saw in her bedroom in Mexico was the same child saint. I forget what child saint that my mother said it was, but I believe it was a young John the Baptist. The picture that Cara showed me is the very same picture my mother showed me.

Cara tells me that once while doing the laundry, she could feel a presence next to her. Cara’s daughter has seen a gray human shaped figure come out of her closet and stand next to her bed. She described the figure as being 5′ 11″ and possibly a girl that has hair to her shoulders. The apparition moved both of its arms up and down in a wavy motion. Cara’s daughter’s other experience is when walking in the garage, she looked through the garage storage room window and there was nothing but blackness on the other side, when in reality there should not be any blackness.

Cara tells me that the home that she was born in was possibly haunted. She remembers lights turning off and on and there was no one around turning the lights off and on. Cara could always feel a presence in her parent’s home. When Cara relates this story to me, I could only wonder if possibly Cara and her daughter have intuitive powers and are not aware of it. Cara’s significant other named Paul detected a foul odor in the garage when they first moved in. Paul could not determine where the smell came from and then the smell went away on its own.

On another time Paul was sitting in the living room watching TV and felt a presence rush over to his side. He then heard the soft voice of a girl whispering in his ear. It sounded like she was saying…”the baby is crying.” When Paul heard the whisper, he was able to visualize the baby crying. When Paul left the living room to investigate if the baby was crying, he discovered that the baby was actually crying.

I conducted my investigation and may have gotten an EVP in Cara’s daughter’s bedroom. Using the McCabe Method of obtaining EVPs. I asked 3 times…”is there anyone here?’ On the 3rd attempt to get an EVP, I heard a man’s muffled voice. Cara and Paul both listened to the EVP and determined that it did sound like a man whispering. In the area where I obtained the EVP, I also got an orb picture at the closet door of this bedroom. When I was taking pictures in the garage area, I snapped a lot of photos in the garage area and in one photo a strange shadow appears. The shadow is huge and I cannot determine what could have temporarily made this shadow. When other pictures were snapped in the same area, there is no shadow with the lights on or when the lights are off. My camera has a bright flash and no shadows should have been generated. I have no explanation on how this shadow was created.

Orb picture taken at bedroom closet door. Inconclusive. Strange shadow in garage photograph. This photo is still being analyzed. Pending results. EVP of male muffled voice retrieved in Cara’s daughter’s bedroom. Under analysis. Pending results.

Cara, her daughter and Paul’s statements were consistent. There is possible paranormal activity in this house. Paul’s father’s ashes are kept in an urn in the living room. Cara has experienced paranormal activity as a small child. Objects from her original home have been brought to this home. Could some of the objects from her original home contain energy elements when touched? Psychometry could play a role in this. Perhaps Cara and her daughter have the psychic ability of sensing an object’s past, present and future in which manifests a presence within their home. EVP and strange shadow photo are being evaluated to determine if there is truly a paranormal connection. Further investigation is warranted.

Paul Dale Roberts, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International

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