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Rain Is the Love of the Earth

Listening deeply to the earth from one day to the next, I could feel the change from one season to the next. The subtle shift from the zenith of spring to the beginning of summer holds the mystery of life on this, the only planet with life we know of in the universe. Click to...

The Uses of Darkness

A friend from philosophy grad school days tells me about how he was contacted recently by a scam-publishing outfit, offering to publish a book they proposed. All he had to do is expand an essay he had published, or compile some of his work over the years. Tweet

We Are the Universe Aware of Itself

I heard a learned astronomer say recently, “We are atoms that are aware that we are atoms…we are the universe aware of itself.” That’s a profoundly religious declaration, without reference or deference to organized religion’s impersonation of religiosity. Tweet

The World, Jesus, and Forgiveness

The only way one can speak of the horrendous situation in the world today is if wisdom is stirring in human heart, and not just surging darkness. Otherwise, what’s the point of even talking about the present world? Tweet

Facing Despair

In the not very distant past—decades, not centuries ago—there was space on the earth for man to make his primeval mistakes of separation, division and rapaciousness. The question of the fate of humanity wasn’t pressing, as it is now. Tweet

Weltanschauung–More Than a German Mouthful

I learned a new word the other day–Weltanschauung. Obviously a German mouthful, it means “a comprehensive conception or theory of the world and the place of humanity in it, a worldview.” The word can point toward the limits of words and concepts, indeed of cognition itself. Tweet

Guilt, Conscience and Responsibility

Having attended compulsory Mass, in Latin no less, six days a week in elementary and junior high school, I learned a thing or two about guilt. By my later teens I realized guilt was a junk emotion, the suffocating residue of socially conditioned conscience inculcated by religion and family. Tweet

The Place of Planning

Here’s an interesting thought experiment. Imagine the beginnings of planning in human evolution. When did the first people communicate to each other, undoubtedly through signs: “I’ll go this way, you go that way, and we’ll meet on that ridge as the sun goes down?” Tweet

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