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85 Millionaires Live in Costa Rica, 2nd Fewest in Latin America

Costa Rica News – Well when seems that if you are looking for making millions in Costa Rica, it seems that it might be a little harder than you think.  I am assuming these numbers are not based on the millionaires that have homes here or people that have scammed millions. This just includes people that are living here and are residents.   I wonder how many of those people are in government?

Having lived in Costa Rica, this might be for several reasons, including in most cases Costa Ricans do no possess a strong work ethic and are happy just getting by in life.  They also know that almost everything will be provided by the government, kind of the way that Obama wants to make the USA.

85 millionaires live in Costa Rica with a total accumulated fortune of $12 billion, and this makes the country with the second fewest in Latin America.

The information is provided by Wealth-X, a sign of intelligence and wealth analysis based in Singapore (Southeast Asia), in its second annual report.

The report is compiled from financial data privileged people with a net worth of over $ 30 million, after accounting for shares in public and private companies, residential and investment properties, art collections, planes, cash and other assets.

In this new report highlights that Brazil and Mexico with Latin American nations with most millionaires (4,640 and 3,240, respectively). Meanwhile, the country with fewer millionaires is Cuba, which has to its credit 45.

In total, the region has 14,750 millionaires.

In Central America, says Wealth-X, the country with more people with money is Guatemala (235), followed by Honduras (205), Nicaragua (190), El Salvador (145), Panama (105) and finally Costa Rica.

By region, the U.S. and Canada (65,295 people) are in first place, with the largest number of billionaires, followed by Europe (53 440) and Asia (42,895).

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