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8 Year Old Reminds Us There is Good in the World

World News – With everything going on in the world today it is so hard to see through all the negativity that is put in our face by the media.  There is so much hate and animosity on what one group thinks is right and what another thinks is wrong it is hard to see the positive anymore.

Myles EckertThere is a battle going on each and everyday on the soil in the USA that is easy to see from the outside.  Instead of coming together as one nation and one people the lines of division between groups have become more defined almost to a point of hatred.

Most of this has been brought forth by media outlets portraying their opinions as news.  I am by noe means saying that I do not express my opinion as well in my writing.

However from time to time a feel good story comes forward that reminds us again that there is good in this world even though it is hard to locate all the time.

Eight-year-old Myles Eckert finds $20 in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel while shopping with his family. Instead of buying a video game with the money, he does something incredibly touching after seeing someone inside the restaurant. Watch the story below and try not to shed some tears……

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