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$750,000 Stolen from Costa Rica Bank

Costa Rica News – I guess this bank manager decided that his salary was not quite high enough to deal with the day to day frustrations of managing Costa Rican employees.  So he decided to throw away his life and go on the run……which will last about 48 hours to 6 months tops.  

bankrobber378 million colones (a little over $750,000) were stolen from Banco Nacional in Santa Teresa de Cóbano, Puntarenas.

The manager Juan Carlos Quesada Salas whereabouts are unknown.

The missing money and Quesada’s disappearance were uncovered at midday on Monday when the bank employees came to work and found the vault open.

Bank employees found that money was missing and tried to communicate with the manager, but he did not answer the phone and never came to work.

The owner of the cabin rented by Quesada and his family  in Tilarán, Guanacaste did not have information on his whereabouts, according to the OIJ.

According to the report, bank employees recalled that the administrator was the last person in the bank on Saturday night and the office was closed in the afternoon.

The OIJ confirmed that Quedada  is the main suspect in the robbery.

The bank also said that bank robbery is one of the largest that has ever occurred in the Costa Rica.

Well unless they catch him in the next about 48 hours this guy is long gone.  The only thing is he will run out of money in the next 2 years and need to try to find a job somewhere.  One thing that is funny is most people in Costa Rica do not know how to budget and think of the consequences in the future of their current actions.

This bank manager that was probably making about $2000 a month will not be on the run for the next year or so until he gets caught and will spend the rest of his life in Costa Rican jail.

I would just like to ask one question to him…….was throwing it all away worth it?

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One Comment;

  1. dwayne said:

    “””I would just like to ask one question to him…….was throwing it all away worth it.””””..Knowing Costa Rica he will claim insanity. Ask for forgiveness. We will hear from his family and co workers he was a good guy.

    Now he most like abandoned his children and wife.. He hiding out without a plan. Your right Dan, His money will be spent with in a few months if not caught.

    Put out a 10K reward his fellow Tico’s will be calling OIJ with in minutes to collect. Remember the guy who robbed a bank downtown with a gun replica and the judge let him go because she saw he was truly sorry! Maybe he can do this if he has not spent most of the money.

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