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70 Firms Competing to Design the New CR Congress Parliament Building

Well this already smells like another project where government and the constructing firm will walk away with a bunch of CR tax payer money.  The Costa Rican government entities know that they in all likeliness will not be able to misappropriate much more out of the Costa Rica border road scam, so they will turn all interests to finding away to line their pockets with more money with the new congress building that is to be constructed.  Unless these funds are watched closely they too will disappear into thin air. 

new congress building costa ricaThe invitation to design the new Parliament building specialized firms attracted 70 competing to win the contract for $ 5 million that the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR) budgeted for this first stage.

Yesterday 130 representatives of interested firms visited the Legislative Assembly to examine on the spot where you try to translate their design.

Luis Fernando Chacón, director of General Services of the Assembly, said that the visit is part of the architects of the design process for the seat of plenary and legislative offices.

“We are confident that this will walk briskly. The technical and political relationship of the institution is coordinated, which did not happen in the past, “he said.

Legislative Secretary of the Board, Rita Chavez, said the contestants in the design have until Oct. 30 to present their proposal.

The 70 firms interested must purchase the bidding at a cost of $ 200.

Francisco Acuña, in charge of funding the trust with which it supports the plan from the BCR, said they already have the resources to guarantee the design of the building and said he could not disclose the investors who bought bonds that are guaranteed money.

Acuña said the winning design firm must submit the plans ready to open a new contest to determine the company responsible for building.

“This should give us in the end and leave plans and permits ready for constructive work,” said Acuña.


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