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686 Years in Prisons for Those That Murdered Jairo Mora?

Costa Rica News – We can only hope for justice, and in this case.  At the end of January the consequences for those that killed Jairo Mora will be revealed to the public.

jairo mora sandoval costa rica trialProsecutor Carmen Zúniga asked the judge to give out a total of 686 years in prison for those involved in the murder of the famous environmentalist Jairo Mora and the aggression against four volunteers.

It also includes an attack on a couple and their two nephews 13 days earlier by essentially the same group.

These events occurred in Moín, Limón and the accused are said to have been acting as a small army, wearing camouflage uniforms and using homemade weapons.

The various charges, adding up to 60-79 years each, include aggravated robbery, aggravated detention, rape and planned aggressive murder.

The prosecutor asks for 35 years in prison for the two involved in the murder but not proven to have been involved in the other attacks.

The last request by the prosecutor was to extend the detention of these dangerous suspects, which is due to conclude on January 31st.

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