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6 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat This Week

World News – Every week lots of foods are pulled from grocery shelves for contamination. There were several recalls this week, but since not every recall reported by the Food and Drug Administration makes headlines, we’ve listed them for you. Here’s all the recalls that have happened over the last week. Remember, if you’ve purchased recalled foods, you can often return it to the vendor for a full refund.

blue bell ice creamHummus
Brand: Sabra
Contaminated with: Listeria
Sabra Dipping Co., LLC, the company behind Sabra hummus recalled 30,000 cases of its classic hummus due to possible contamination with the bacteria, listeria. So far no one has reported getting sick from the hummus.

Ice cream
Brand: Blue Bell
Contaminated with: Listeria
Blue Bell Creameries has had a bad month. After five people in a hospital were infected with listeria after eating ice cream from the company (and three people died), Blue Bell has continued to recall more and more of its ice cream after identifying listeria in more product lines. This week, they expanded the recall to include banana pudding ice cream pints.

Macadamia nuts
Brand: Nature’s Eats and Central Market
Contaminated with: Salmonella
Texas Star Nut and Food Co., Inc. recalled some of its Nature’s Eats and Central Market brand macadamia nut products due to possible contamination with the bacteria salmonella.

Brand: Deer
Contaminated with: Undeclared peanuts
Best Foods Inc. recalled some of its 7-ounce and 14-ounce packages of Deer brand cumin powder because the products may contain peanuts which are not declared on the label. This could pose a serious problem for people who have peanut allergies.

Soybean sprouts 
Brand: Henry’s Farm
Contaminated with: Listeria
Henry’s Farm Inc. of Woodford, Virgina recalled packages of soybean sprouts that were distributed to retailers in Virginia and Maryland due to possible listeria contamination. No illnesses have been reported.

Teriyaki Salmon Jerky
Brand: Central Market
Contaminated with: Undeclared soy and wheat
World Wide Gourmet Foods recalled 2,916 packages of Central Market Teriyaki Salmon Jerky due to undeclared soy and wheat, which is problematic for people allergic to those ingredients.

By Alexandra Sifferlin,

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