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50 Shades of Pura Vida; Sex Shops Becoming Popular in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Years ago it was taboo to even enter a sex shop and now not even the creations found inside seem taboo.

sex toy shop costa rica 1Possibly we have ¨50 Shades of Grey¨to thank for that. Just about every movie and TV show has at least one scene of some sexual experimentation.

Thanks to our modern culture the doors of sex shops are continually being opened. People step inside and feel free to say whatever they want. They can ask for any fetish related toy without shame.

Valentine’s Day increased sales in most sex shops tremendously. For some it was their first time and others hoped to spice things up a bit. Those who work in these stores hear every request possible.

Some of the popular, more out there, toys this year are a dildo that expels a white liquid, an inflatable Charlie Sheen doll, sex toys for men, animal tails, and a stimulator that can be controlled from a cellphone.

There are more and more sex shops popping up in Costa Rica…… 50 Shades of Pura Vida.

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