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50 Shades of Grey Has Costa Ricans Seeking Sex Shops

Costa Rica News – Seems sex education is not taking place in Costa Rican schools but they are getting their tips from the big screen.  What better way to help open the eyes to the darker side of sex than through a Hollywood film.  (Sarcasm)

fifty_shades_of grey sex shops costa rica 150 Shades of Grey is the movie helping sex and fantasy shops stay in business. While these shops used to seem like something from another world, they are now all the rage for Costa Ricans.

The film was based on a trilogy of novels. It first came to theaters in Costa Rica on February 12, in time for a different kind of Valentine’s celebration, full of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism.

The sex shop boom happened right after the movie came out.

While whips and masks didn’t used to be popular, they are now flying off the shelves, a complete turn on for couples.

Handcuffs were being picked up as if they were the most mundane item on sale in a supermarket. 60% of sales are due to the movie, it seems.

People were coming in to sex shops asking specifically for toys featured in the movie.

The National Injury Surveillance System of the United States recorded a significant increase in accidents with sex toys following the movie.


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