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5 More Businesses in Costa Rica Declared Carbon Neutral

Costa Rica News – The Standardization Technical Institute of Costa Rica (Inteco) revealed that 5 businesses are going to be proclaimed carbon neutral.

Inteco, considered one of the certified bodies to declare a company as carbon neutral, stated in an announcement that Asuaire Travel, Caribbean Hospitality, CoopeAnde No.1 RL, Popular Pensions and the Chamber of Exporters Association of Costa Rica (CADEXCO) will be given the seal as a company that is carbon neutral.

carbon neutral costa rica“Domestic companies are really committed and making big progress in measuring and reducing their carbon footprints,” said the director of Inteco, Mauricio Céspedes.

The supervisor clarified that the verification of carbon dioxide emissions is actually a ‘systematic, independent and documented procedure’ to guage the greenhouse gases to find out if they meet with the requirements provided by MINAE in 2011.

These organizations join 9 more whom during the course of 2013 also obtained the seal, included in this list are: BAC San José, Purdy Motor, Distribution Florex Central, Café Britt, Environmental Services and Travel Excellence Geocycle SAG.

Costa Rica has planned to become carbon neutral by 2021, which means that it’s going to offset all carbon emissions from its economy as well as its inhabitants.

“Carbon Neutrality” is the process of controlling the equivalent emissions of co2 and various other greenhouse gases to result in equal levels of oxygen in an effort to not play a role in global warming.

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