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4th of July & 150 Million Hot Dogs in the USA (Video)

World News – If you are a hot dog lover then the USA is where you need to be for the 4th of July, but most likely you had get the food where ever you are in the world, be in Costa Rica, Colombia or Australia.

On Independence Day, Americans will eat 150 million hot dogs— and there’s a lot more food and fireworks to go with them.

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One Comment;

  1. ajseamanajseaman said:

    When I came to Costa Rica, they had not invented the hot dog or the door knob. I’m ashamed to admit how many chewy “perros caliente” I ate before realizing they were wrapped in plastic the color of the meet. Now I don’t get locked out of my house anymore, as the door knob has been discovered—but they still cannot make a hot dog.

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