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385,899 Foreigners Live in Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica – A total of 385,899 foreigners live in Costa Rica and represent 9% of the population according to to the 2011 Census , released this morning.  According to the Census, the total population is 4,301,712 people, which has actually had a smaller growth rate.

Elizabeth Solano, coordinator of the Census, explained that low population growth due to the decline in the birthrate of 1.8 children per woman and that more Costa Ricans living abroad, but you have to refine the data.

74% of the foreigners come from Nicaragua, nearly 4.3% of Colombia and 4.1% are American. The situation reflects strong migratory movements in Central America, said Solano.

In border areas there is a concentration of immigrants.

The population is aging said Solano. Children under 15 totals have declined and those people over 65 totals have increased. There is also a decline in population in San Jose and increases in Heredia and Guanacaste.

She also drew attention to the cantons that have grown in population are associated with coastal areas, as Garabito, Carrillo and Parrita. Among those who grow the least are those with the most concentrated population as Tibás, Coto Brus and Goicoechea.

Regarding education indicators, the average schooling increased from 7.5 years to 8.7 years between the Census 2000 and 2011.

13.7% of children under 5 years are attending a day care centers.

10.5% of the population has at least one disability and the percentage of insured population rose from 81 to 85%.

2.4% of the population identified themselves as indigenous, other relevant fact is that 72% of the population uses cell phone, computer used 48.7% and 45% Internet.

With respect to housing data highlights that the percentage of own home fell from 71.6% to 69.9% between the two censuses.

Published results are available in

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