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3 Tourists Stuck by Lightning Near Volcano in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Three tourists have been stuck by lightning. This occurred at noon yesterday near the Poas Volcano.

All three tourists are US citizens. The group was transported by the Red Cross to the hospital in San Rafael.lightning strikes costa rica

Javier Carpio and Jorge Teller are both in delicate condition, while Shelby Suminsky is in stable condition. The patients’ injuries include burns to the legs, chest and abdomen, and impact related injuries from the fall.

229 lightning strikes were reported yesterday, according to the National Meteorological Institute. They offer some advice about how to stay protected from lightning since the recent downpours have been accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning.

Protect Yourself From Lightning Strikes

  • If possible, stay inside your home or vehicle. Vehicles provide excellent shelter in lighting storms.
  • Keep windows and doors closed, avoid contact with water, keep shoes on, and avoid using cell phones or electrical devices.
  • Stay away from stoves, fireplaces and anything with batteries, wires (including those for hanging laundry) or metal tubes.
  • If you have a bed made out of wood that will be the safest place in your home.
  • If you are outside in an open space squat with your feet together, your head to your chest and your hands on your knees.

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