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3 Doctors Arrested for International Credit Card Fraud

San Jose, Costa Rica –  Another group of people in Costa Rica were caught stealing the hard earned money of people outside the country.  Instead of hard work it seems more and more people are looking for the quick buck in scamming others.

Three doctors and two others were arrested this morning by the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), suspicion of integrating an international network of bank card fraud.

Judicial officers raided several offices and other establishments in Santa Ana, La Uruca, San Antonio de Belen, Palmares and Guanacaste.

As reported by the OIJ, the group stole card data of foreigners in their country of origin, and sent the information to a person in Costa Rica.

That individual that collected the bank information and used the data to charge doctors’ fees. A total of ¢ 25 million was stolen. It is suspected that the doctors got a commission.

The investigation began on May 31 by the judicial authorities of Heredia.

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