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218 Costa Ricans are 2016 Olympic Hopefuls

Costa Rica Sports News – 218 Costa Ricans will be heading to Veracruz this November, to compete in athletic events leading up to the Rio 2016 Olympics. The port city will host the games for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

rio-de-janeiro-2016-olympics 1Those athletes who compete in boxing, fencing, golf, field tennis, triathlon, and table tennis will have a chance to make the Olympic cut through August of this year. The National Delegation has already secured the spots of 240 athletes.

The National Olympic Committee president, Henry Nunez, explained that the success of Costa Rican athletes has paved the way over the last three years for the country to possibly host the Central American Games in the future.

The Taekwondo Coach, Wilmar Alvarado, said, “I am very satisfied with the results, now comes the difficult and most important part is the preparation of these athletes.” His coaching style helped 11 athletes qualify.

The committee and the coaches prefer quality over quantity. They are “not going to participate, this is not recreational sport, we go for the gold, silver or bronze,” said the president of the Costa Rican Wrestling Federation, Rafael Ramirez. Costa Rica has a goal of 27 medals. They also want to place within the top ten in overall game medals.


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