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20th Annual International Guitar Festival Comes to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News & Events – The 20th annual anything is big news, so the coordinators and participants of the 20th annual International Guitar Festival are rightfully psyched to be at the  National Theater tomorrow and for the next five nights.

costa rica guitar festival 185 artists will perform everything from classics and jazz to rock and flamenco. Guitarist Luis Zumbado is responsible for keeping this much anticipated event going for two decades.

When  asked which would be the best night to attend, the director said that we might  as well throw a coin in the air to decide for us, because each night is expected to be outstanding.

There will be guitarists from many countries including Spain, Cuba, Italy, Canada and Costa Rica. The performance I would most like to see is the Costa Rican Childrens’ Guitar Quartet or Flavio Cucchi, from Italy.

The concert takes place from this Wednesday until Sunday at 8 pm every night.

If you need tickets you ca get them on the Teatro Nacional website located here.

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