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2014 Holi One Color Festival in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News & Events – Tickets for the Holi One Color Festival 2014 are on sale now, for 23,500 colones. This is the second edition of the event in Costa Rica, and one of many worldwide. The first such festival of music and color in this country was in August 2013.

Holi One Color Festival costa ricaIt will be held on March 29th. The show will be of a high quality and offer additions to the last one, like a food court. Keep in mind that this event is 12 hours of nonstop music and partying that is for adults only. The impressive show combines music and colored powders that are water soluble, organic, and lung safe.

There will be thousands of participants, all dressed in white. Performance arts and visual stimulation will be seen in every direction. The festival is inspired by the original Holi fest in India, but is not of a religious nature. It seeks to promote togetherness and the color of everyday life in a fun way.

Participants are advised to wear hats and sunscreen, as the event is outdoors. They should also wear white clothes that can be transformed by color. Contact lenses are not recommended, because of the powder. If you bring a camera or phone to capture the activity, keep it wrapped in plastic to prevent the powder from ruining it. No one is allowed to bring in their own powder, but the official kind is included with your admission.

A countdown will take place every hour so you’ll know when to throw your colorful powder. Best of all, you will not leave as you came in. You will have some really cool colorful clothes as a souvenir.

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