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2012 First Presidential Debate, A Big Romney Win

World News – I just finished watching the presidential debate between the candidates Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney and I will try to be unbiased in my thoughts and comments on this debate.  I think that Obama got absolutely smoked by Romney tonight!

2012 presidential debateThere has been great speculation by the mainstream media that both candidates will show leadership, cunning and smart sound bites. I am an expat who has lived outside of the USA since 2000. Politics and the proper governance of our country is my inherent interest. The mainstream media has created an ecosystem of negativity towards love of my country. I always ask myself if the United States of America is such blight in the world the why do so many die immigrating and why are there always large lines at the embassy’s and consulates to busy and work.

Romney looked calm and affable through more of the debate than Obama did, and the incumbent president more often looked peeved. Romney’s default expression, whether genuine or forced, was a kind of smile; Obama’s, a kind of scowl.

Now that the debate has concluded we have to conclude that president Obama has been surrounded by people who tell him both what he needs to say and to think. Tonight we saw that he is both out of touch with the current reality of the country but also with his own system of beliefs. We have heard for months and maybe years that “profit” is a negative benefit.  However, tonight we heard him say several times that “profit” is a good thing.

Governor Mitt Romney needs to publish his plan for the future he expects to overcome the populism of President Obama. I believe the most concise moment of the debate was Governor Romnny explaining his concept of increasing the tax base by providing more jobs and thus receiving more tax revenue. The concept is simple math, if you can produce an product “tax income” at an increased rate of collection due to more tax contribution, it seems obvious that a rate reduction would follow. This is the Walmart concept if retail, sell more at a reduced price. The concept is the same here, collect more and reduce rates. This creates a tax revenue neutral situation and can only provide more opportunities for more unemployed Americans.

Mitt Romney was better at debating than Barack Obama, the famed and redoubtable orator, was worse.

Anyone feel like disagreeing with that, after the past 90 minutes?

Romney had to have a big night in order to pull back into this election.  He took Obama to school and Obama’s body language showed it.  This debate pulled Romney back into the mix and helped him reattach himself to the American public.

By Manuel Libre

CBS News and GFK’s knowledge panel recruited 523 uncommitted voters to determine the winner of the first presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Forty six percent thought Governor Romney won the debate and 22 percent thought Mr. Obama did.

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  1. gordon said:

    Dan, I agree mostly what you are saying. I watched the debate. The monitor from PBS was way out gunned by these two. Now the 40 plus per cent going to circle the wagons and spin all this in Obama favor. and the other 30 plus for Romney. Romney was the clear winner and does that equal a win.. I do not think so. Sad that Obama does not understand the burden of the debt on our future children.

  2. Pete said:

    Agree, and, a word on the moderation. Having watched some of the French Presidential debate where the candidates sit across from each other for three hours and go at it tooth and claw (with the moderators pouring gas on the fire when the flames get low) I thought Lehrer did a fine job bringing the format to America. I think it’s better when the candidates fight each other rather than the host. That said, my feeling afterward was surprise, with all the looseness the cadidates seemed to get an equal amount of time- with maybe Romney getting a tiny bit more. I was wrong. In fact it was the President who got bonus time: R- 38:14/ O-42:40. It also seemed that Lehrer attempted to help the President only once- and Obama didn’t seem to get it- which I thought surprisingly fair.

    The response here in the States is of course delight on one side and despondence on the other. The pressure has flipped now and Obama is the one to have to deliver next time. Should be interesting.

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