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2009 Murder & The Victim Ghost

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Imagine in your mind, what the victim went through. The victim, an 18 year old boy is hogtied and bludgeoned to death. The murder is drug related. The murder took place in the back bedroom and surveying the back bedroom, I notice evidence tape, and I see blood still on the Venetia blinds. There were 4 killers, 3 boys and 1 girl. The killers murder this boy in his own home. Using a black light, you can distinctly see the blood splatters on the walls and blinds.

According to the police report, the boy actually was murdered in this back bedroom, later placed in the trunk of the killer’s car and driven to Martinez, where they eventually dumped his body. All killers are now behind bars. Another scene that stayed in my mind is that some of the floor boards were dug up as evidence. This is where the most amount of blood was. You can see the boards and the evidence tape in my photos at the below link.

The activity in this home is the following:
Rocking chair moves on its own.
An antique lamp tilts on its own.
Beads on the door move on their own.
Footsteps are heard.
Kitchen cabinet doors slam shut and then open again.
People feel they are being watched in the bathroom.
A visitor felt like his head was rubbed.
Door handle gets stuck.

Meeting us at this investigation is Soulsearchers Paranormal Research: Carol ‘CC’ Castro and Teri Villarreal. Carol and Teri are also HPI Paranormal Investigators. Carol is the one that actually coordinated this investigation.

Occupants are: Elysea Simonin and Alyssa Pierce. Elysea gave everyone a briefing before the investigation started. My briefing was how we were going to investigate this home. Since my group is small, we will do a free-for-all, where investigators can go anywhere they want in the home to investigate. We will attempt communication with the victim, because I truly feel he has a message to convey to our group. EVP sessions are a necessity. I also believe we may get anomalies in our photographs. Remember, I am writing this in real time and as I write this, our first 45 minute investigative session has commenced.

Equipment Used: Digital audio recorders, digital cameras, EMF Readers, GPS, flashlights.

Door handle gets jammed and investigators are temporarily locked in the back bedroom where murder took place. Christina tested the door and discovered if you turn it to the left it will get stuck. Debunked. Beads are seen by investigators moving by themselves. Christina determined movement on the hard wooden floor will cause the beads to sway. Debunked.

Two EVPs are captured, one sounds like inaudible male whispering and the other sounds like a man saying: “yeeeeah”. Staci has a personal experience, she felt like she was hugged and then squeezed around her back and into her chest area.

Utilized dowsing rods to communicate with the murder victim. We asked direct yes and no questions. We said certain names of the suspects and the rods gave a distinct yes on the suspect that most likely did the actual killing. Note: Dowsing rods are an ancient device. We use the rods merely as a tool; this is not absolute proof of the paranormal. We conducted a séance and during the séance obtained another EVP of a man saying ‘here’. One anomaly in our photo during the séance of a shadow going across the séance circle. Christina brought a tennis ball to see if the entity could move the ball and the ball never moved. Jennifer pictured in her mind how the murder went down and explained to the occupants on what she was visualizing and most of what she said deemed to be accurate.

EVPs are the only solid evidence from this investigation. Analyzing the EVPs, they appear to be authentic and are not sounds from other rooms. Further investigation is warranted.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/


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