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1st Costa Rica Travel Company Accepts Bitcoin

Costa Rica Travel News – There is not a question in the USA the consumer continues to be re-educated again and again on exactly how to purchase vacations ever since the creation of the Internet. OAt one time an arena of traditional Travel Agents and Online Booking companies such as Expedia and Orbitz, the marketplace of internet based travel was before long to be hit by a brand new trend that few saw coming.

costa rica travel with bitcoinsIt was 2010 when LivingSocial guided the transformation by integrating travel services as an element of their discounted deals. A few months later Groupon would adhere to their particular methods, and eventually discount travel became one more commodity for those venturing into the online travel market.

In March 2011 the then director of LatinExplore, Monica McIntyre, came to be among the first vendors to launch Costa Rica vacations as a destination in one of these discount deal programs. Characterized by its avant-garde perspective, the organization that prospers on innovation was very happy to take a chance into the unknown. It has all paid off, the gamble delivered ten fold and others hurried to follow suit. That had been the final time she recalls experiencing a rush of adrenaline generated by the risk of technological innovation within a normally conventional travel agent career.

However pioneers don’t relax, and the hunger for risk isn’t very easily quenched.

6 months ago, Ms. McIntyre founded providing USA. vacationers with a Costa Rica concentrated marketplace for hotel and travel packages. And what is new about this you may ask? Innovation this particular time was to undergo a sharper turn: customers may purchase his or her Costa Rica getaway using Bitcoin.

Ms. McIntyre points out that Bitcoin transacitions are simple and help you stay away from costly transaction fees that ultimately will be equated to reduced rates for the traveler. She utilizes Coinbase as the company’s digital wallet and also is convinced the merchant tools they provide permit companies like hers to effortlessly minimize for the potential risk of the unpredictability concerning the peer-to-peer digital currency market. might be the first to allow Bitcoin to purchase travel to Costa Rica, but just like in the example of deal platforms she strongly believes her first mover’s advantage will rapidly vanish when the adoption of digital currency inevitably enters a comfort zone.

Costa Rica Travel Market LLC is an online travel operator with offices in the Denver, CO and San Jose, COSTA RICA. Costa Rica Marketplace delivers an online platform for Hotels to publish Deals & Offers to the US market. For more information contact:, or contact Monica McIntyre at 1.888.831-1811 or by email at [email protected].

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