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155 Driving Fines Given on Roads to Palmares

Costa Rica News – It was announced in La Nacion. It was announced in The Costa Rican Times. It was announced on the radio.  In all these forms of media everyone was warned that there would be extra traffic cops on the routes to Palmares. 

To show the intelligence levels of people going to this festival and the fact that most people living in Costa Rica to not think about the consequences of their actions, lets count the number of tickets given out for fines given for moving violations on the roads to Palmares……..that’s right 155!  Morons!

Transit Police yesterday arrested two drunk drivers during police operations by the Palmares Tope and fined two more for the same reason.

The first 2 are facing criminal charges for exceeding the limit of 0.75 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, while the other two received a penalty of ¢ 280,000 ($560)  for driving with between 0.50 g and 0.75 grams per liter of blood.

According to the Director of Traffic, Germán Marín said the numbers of drunk drivers is down significantly from previous years. I wonder how many people got of by bribing the officers?

A total of 150 officers, working in three shifts during the day and last night and early this morning wrote a total of 155 tickets for moving violation fines

Most of the fines and tickets are because of no seat belts or lightss. There were also lots of fines for no inspection stickers, expired marchamo and expired drivers licenses.

They also seized was the vehicle from a person  not having a driver license.

The operations will continue for every day of festivities in Palmares and intensify during the two large concerts Sunday and next Friday at the fiesta palmares.



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