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$1000 Reward for Stolen Dog in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – I know this might not be news for many out there, but for anyone that has a pet when they are lost are stolen it is the same as losing a part of the family.  

jaggerI know if anyone took my dog I would be out everywhere looking for her. 

Katherine King had her Havanese named Jagger stolen from the beach in Jaco at the south end in front of Club del Mar. Every sunset she walks the beach to hand out flyers and asks people to post them in their neighborhoods. 

This was her 9 year old son Jackson’s dog.  Jackson’s birthday is Friday and it would be quite the gift to be able to have his pet on his birthday.

She went out asking people about lost or stolen pets and around 90% of the people she spoke to in the area said that it had happened to them, including locals.

Be careful if you have a pure breed dog as they are targets for this type of thing.

If you have any information on this dog you can contract Katherine directly at 

[email protected] or call (212) 804 8766.

She is leaving the country this Wednesday, so contact her before then.


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