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10 Ways to Reuse Old Items

It happens quite often to make an annual check of the things we have in the house and as a results, we either keep some of them, donate them or simply throw them away. Although there is nothing bad in get rid of items which no longer function or are in a bad condition, we tend to ignore the fact that we can turn some of the items into something better.

Whether we talk about old clothes or old furniture, there are so many ways we could creatively change their purposes and save money. has gathered some amazing suggestions on how to reuse old items which we hope you will also find interesting:

  • Old Ladder turned into a Bookshelf

This is perhaps the best way to reuse an item. Instead of abandoning a ladder somewhere in your garage or throwing it away, you could turn it into a bookshelf. The best part of it is that you can paint or decorate it as you wish and it will surely add a picturesque/antique touch to your room. It will not occupy much of your space and the result can be amazing.

Therefore, all you need is paint and nails.

  • Old CDs and DVDs into Mosaic Tile Plates

Looking for a decorative item which could add a rustic effect to your room? Well, grab your old CDs and DVDs, some grout, glue and a birdbath. Cut the CDs into pie pieces and start the process by following the instructions

It will be fun and the result will amaze you!

  • Plastic Spoons into a Lamp

If you have some unused plastic spoons from your son’s birthday party, do not throw them away! Pick up a 5L bottle, a bulb, glue and some cables and you have everything you need to make a modern lamp. You could either use it in your son’s room or living room.

For more instructions, check the following link

  • Old Tire into Ottoman Chair

Ottoman chairs have recently become more and more wanted. They are stylish and practical for when you want to rest your feet while reading a book. The good news is that you can create your own as you wish by using an old tire.

There are so many materials you could use starting from a rope to fabrics (old curtains, textiles, etc.). It may require two people, but it can turn out into an amazing decorative item.

  • Tennis Rackets into Mirrors

This DIY project is perfect for those who love sports or simply want to complete their home gym theme. All you need to do is take the tennis rackets to a glass shop where they can custom the mirrors in order to fit inside the rackets. It should not cost you more than $30-$50. Squeeze the liquid nails mirror adhesive onto the back of the glass and firmly press onto the strings.  Let it dry over the night and Voilà !!

For more instructions, check the link

  • Old Garden Rake into Wine Glass Holder

Wine lover? Want to add a drop of elegance to your living room? Reserve a corner in your living room or kitchen for the bottle of wine and attach the garden rake to the wall. All you need is two nails!

  • Wooden Milk Crate into a Wine Rack

Speaking of wine, we thought that a wooden milk crate might be useful and essential in completing the set. The old wooden milk crate lined with galvanized metal racks makes a gorgeous, vintage display for your wine collection. If you think that a milk crate might be too big, you can choose an antler wine rack. It creates a classic and sleek look

  • Old Pullover into Gloves/Socks

Did you know that you can get a beautiful pair of gloves or warm socks by cutting the bottom of a sweater’s sleeves? You need an old sweater, scissors, sewing pins, scrap yarn, large darning needle, paper or card stock for tracing. Make a rough outline of your foot on a piece of paper or card stock. Leave about ½ inch of extra space around the edge for comfy slippers and easy sewing. Cut out your shape, then repeat for the other foot.Attach the sole to the leg piece with sewing pins. Start with one pin at the toe of your bootie and one pin at the heel. Then stretch the fabric as necessary to line the two pieces up and pin them together.

  • Baby Lotion Bottles into Charger Stations

With just a bit of fabric, some cutting and a little time, you can turn the baby lotion bottles into really handy cell phone charging station that holds your phone and the cord right up next to the plug-in.

  • Old Table into Two Wall Desks

Scratched, broken or damaged table? Do not throw it away. Cut it in half, pain/decorate it as you like and attach the half to the wall.

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