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10 Tips for Men Planning a One Night Stand; A Woman’s Point of View

World News – Whether or not you are in college and looking to take a girl home from the bar back to the dorm or frat house, or a single guy looking to try to convince a woman to share one night of intimacy with you, there are some basic tips and rules you should follow.

One thing I have realized while living in Jaco and watching the interactions of locals and tourists alike.  Women and men both get horny and both enjoy the random  sex from time to time. For many women and men on vacation or living in Costa Rica, they are  just on a permanent college Spring Break.

Caroline Kent gives men a list of tips if they are thinking about going out and trying to bring a woman night stand tips 1

1. Firstly, if you’re planning on pulling, clean your place before you leave. Nothing shatters tantalising sexual potential faster than the phrase “Sorry about the smell.”

2. Skip that last glass for the road (equipment failures, dehydration, clumsy condom application, enough said).

3. Do it for the right reasons. Good reason: you’re horny, keen, and curious to explore your sexuality. Bad reason: you want a partner and are secretly hoping that the sex will lead to something more serious.

4. Do not Facebook-stalk them afterwards. If you’re feeling attention-starved, go hang out with friends instead.

5. Stop showing off. This is a drive-through, not a three-course meal. A bit of foreplay followed by two positions, max.

6. If you wouldn’t treat a girlfriend that way, don’t treat a ONS that way. The most important aspect of this is…

7. Be straight. Let both parties enter the night on an equal footing. You may feel a little vulnerable, but if you don’t actually see yourself having a realtionship with this person, don’t waste each other’s time with the promise of future engagements. Ask yourself: Do you really want to see her again, or do you just want her to want to see you? Don’t ask for her number when you have no intentions of calling. Don’t suggest brunch next week. Don’t start feeling bad that you’ve been a hussy and attempt to quash your insecurities by pretending you’re in love with me. Simply say, “I had a really fun time with you.”

8. If you go to her place, stay the night. Don’t panic, she’s not going to introduce you to her mum over breakfast, but if you bail minutes after sex, it can makes a woman feel a bit disposable.

9. If she comes to your place, be a good host. Offer a cup of coffee, but don’t be too familiar (what is it with men peeing with the bathroom door open after we’ve only just met?).

10. Deal with the immediate aftermath carefully. Caught out on a ONS? The City Concierge Company is a home supplies agency that will deliver a post-ONS care package to wherever you are in London within one hour: a freshly ironed shirt, some deodorant, a toothbrush, paracetamol, and a Red Bull.

Tips by Caroline Kent, – First 2 Paragraphs by Dan Stevens


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