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¢ 280,000 ($560) Traffic Fine for Drunk Driving and Other Violations

Costa Rica News – Well if you plan on drunk driving and you are caught it is a steep penalty for this moving violation.  The average monthly salary in Costa Rica is about $750, so this is quite a fine for those that get pulled over and ticketed for this.  The real question though is will this be enforced correctly or will it be yet another way for the Costa Rican police to look for gringos for bribes to get off. I would lean toward the second.  

This fine comes under the category “A” of sanctions, one of five violations that will receive this maximum fine.

The penalty is also for drivers with expired or suspended license, improper passing, driving in the wrong lane and improper U-turn.

The project received the votes of 43 deputies.

“Return the authority and order to the roads, no one believes this law is weak, a law is very strong and is the only way the law works, but not abusive in fines as the previous law. It brings to mind the fines value 1993 “, said the head of PLN, Fabio Molina.

As for the category “B” punishable ¢ 189,000 ($378) who do not use safety precautions for children under 12 years or who are less than 1.45 meters. It would also apply to those who do not respect the stop signs, traffic lights or alter their license plate.

The “C”  ¢94,000 ($188)  is having an expired license or expired permit, and who travel more than 25 kilometers per hour over the limit.

While the “D” is reserved for ¢ 47,000 ($94)  is for disrespecting traffic signs and right of ways. It also applies to drivers of motorcycles or mopeds without proper reflective attire, or who travel more than 20 miles over the limit.

Finally the “E” ¢ 20,000 ($40) applies to the use of loudspeakers within 100 meters of clinics, hospitals, schools and churches.

I would really like to know how they classified the violations in each bracket and hoe they even thought of the last one.

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